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Harry M. Samuels has been a practicing tax and small business accountant and financial consultant since the early 70's. After receiving his BS in Accounting from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY he continued his graduate studies in Law and Taxation at Syracuse University.

To gain a broad range of experience, he worked with firms that specialized in different business areas, including the national firm of Main, LaFrentz & Co. In November 1978, with this solid and diverse foundation, the Samuels Accounting Service was launched in Rochester, NY.

The firm expanded, and in 1981 a second office was opened in Richmond, VA. In 1986, the two offices were consolidated and relocated to Hollywood, FL. Expansion continued in 1994, with the opening of the Western office now located in Erie, CO.

Harry specializes in creative solutions to business challenges. A firm believer in aggressive tax planning, he innovatively utilizes corporations and LLCs in developing business growth and development. His multi-national network of professionals and business contacts assist him in advancing and developing his clients’ businesses, and aid in problem prevention and resolution.

Harry and his team of accountants, bookkeepers and other business professionals have one objective; to generate the best results for each client. Their goal is to help every client build profitable business ventures, maximizing the benefits of entrepreneurship and reducing the overall cost of taxes.

Call today and let Harry and his team help you enhance your quality of life. “Work to live, don't live to work.”


Harry M. Samuels
Accountant & Financial Advisor

2901 Stirling Road, Ste 307 • Ft. Lauderdale FL, 33312 • Phone: 954-966-1350
Fax: 954-966-1390 • Email: harry@samuelsaccounting.com